Daily Ride – From the airport at Bordeaux

Here’s a video of a woman taking a moto taxi from the airport at Bordeaux. Riding through the countryside, enjoying the scenery, arriving in the city, and going on her way. She clearly has made prior arrangements — whereas I came across my pilot in Paris by total chance. I hadn’t been expecting to take a moto taxi at all… but things turned out quite differently for me in the end. This lady is also very laid back, and she doesn’t seem to be in a huge hurry. Of course, this is an advertisement for a moto taxi company, so that’s to be expected. Real life experience takes its own turns. Still, this is a nice few minutes to watch someone ride.


Daily Ride – Fast forward from Paris to the airport

Found this awesome, awesome video of the ride from Paris to the airport – I believe it’s CDG, since they pull up at terminal 2F. But I can’t be 100% sure. Check out the quick moves past the truck at 00:41 and again around 1:27. There’s lots of driving through tunnels, which I found… exciting… on my own ride last year. This driver (unlike my pilot at the time) appears to know his way quite well. Enjoy.