Daily Ride – Fast forward from Paris to the airport

Found this awesome, awesome video of the ride from Paris to the airport – I believe it’s CDG, since they pull up at terminal 2F. But I can’t be 100% sure. Check out the quick moves past the truck at 00:41 and again around 1:27. There’s lots of driving through tunnels, which I found… exciting… on my own ride last year. This driver (unlike my pilot at the time) appears to know his way quite well. Enjoy.


The Daily Ride – All Aboard a Honda GL 1800 Gold Wing

The Honda Gold Wing is the gold standard for moto taxi drivers in Paris. Some pilot other types (like my own pilot did during that “adventure” I had), but the Gold Wing is very, very common. This video shows all the features and conveniences the bike provides and shows a passenger comfortably traveling with the driver.