Summer 2014: Lost In The American West Part 11 The North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Quite a ways from Paris, but a great motorcycle log read!

Motorcycle Log

I’ve been riding all day though the Mojave Desert though heat and sand, my sunglasses are permanently pitted from blowing sand, my face is on fire, I have not bathed in 4 days. Life is a wonderful fucking gift. I’m perched at a bar at the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge, the bartender is surly and inattentive, one beer is all I can really stand. She hates her job and it shows. I can understand why. This place is a lot of Disney bullshit but it’s probably really good bank for a waiter or a bartender. The people that are around me smell of upper middleclass wealth, if not more. A packaged experience.  I have a thing about actual tourist spots. I figure there is so much country out there, I can skip “the sites” and see the land. The Grand Canyon is something I’ve wanted to see for years…

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