Statue at Les Invalides

This is one of the sights I never got to see, while I was in Paris. I spent a bit of time in the city, but it can be difficult to see everything you hope to, when you’re working on two continents. I spent an awful lot of time on my trips pulling double-duty: working 8-5 on French time, then putting in 4-5 more hours on US time, so my projects stateside wouldn’t stall while I was in France.

For all the romance that travel to Paris promises, if you’re going on business and you’re working the whole time, there’s not always a lot of discretionary time to see the sights.

You can always go a day early and stay an extra day on the back end, but family responsibilities may prevent that.

In any case, I’m looking forward to returning — on my own terms.


Here is a photo we took of a statue we believe is made out of marble, found at Les Invalides in Paris.

More information and details at

Statue at Les Invalides

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