Here’s someone else who raced from the airport to Paris — this time in a regular taxi cab. Seems that speed from the airport is a common theme.

Wheels Travels

We had a four-hour layover in Paris before heading back to The States.  We had decided mid-flight that if we landed on time and were able to get off the plane and through customs with three hours to spare, we would grab a taxi to the Eiffel Tower.  Our flight landed seven minutes early and we taxied up to the jet way immediately.  Everything was working in our favor.  We also had checked most of luggage, so we just had a few small carry-on bags (which made the whole thing that much easier).

download (7)We sprinted our way through the airport (me wheeling along just as fast as the others) and found our way out of customs and into the open air of Paris.  A few yards away, taxis were lined up, just waiting for anxious passengers.

“How far is it to the Eiffel Tower?”  We asked.

“About 20 minutes.”


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