Should I keep my book on Amazon Kindle?

Stay or go?

I published my book on Amazon Kindle last month, thinking it would be a great way to get out there. I was never a Kindle fan, until I bought a tablet last year and started downloading eBooks. Now I’m a regular. And I like the idea of getting my book onto eReaders everywhere that Amazon reaches.

But now I’m rethinking it. Basically, Amazon takes a huge cut from the purchase price — even from a digital product, which costs them nothing to produce. And their KDP Select program keeps you exclusively with them for the first 90 days. This will last until May 22.

I’d like to reach more people… and also have more control over the price. I really don’t have to use them, to get out there. I’ve got other options for distribution which are actually better and easier and net me a bigger percentage of profits. I will definitely pursue those options after the 90-day period is up. The KDP Select program just doesn’t seem to be helping me at all.

What do you think? Stay on Kindle till late May, or cut my losses and go it alone?


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