Two or three old women came and asked…

Two or three old women came and asked him [Suzuki Shosan] about the essence of Buddhism.

The Master said: “I do not know anything that I can teach you.”

After a while he said suddenly: “You will die, you will die. Never forget the fact of dying…”

From : Death Was His Koan: The Samurai-Zen of Suzuki Shosan By Winston L. King (P.285)

It looks so harmless on a web page

… and in all honesty, that’s pretty much how I felt, one fine spring afternoon, on the back of a motorcycle flying down a highway near Paris.

What happened that day crystallized a whole lot that I’d observed about myself, doing business with the French, and the practical uses of Zen.

And the book is nearing completion . . . ready in early 2015.  So stay tuned.

In development – a first-hand account of moto taxi transport at CDG


Right down the middle…

The book is in development. Expecting release in early 2015, just in time for all the cabin-fever-crazed folks to live vicariously on a motorcycle in Paris.

Curious? Watch this —

I didn’t shoot this video, but I could have, on my last business trip to Paris.

Didn’t have my Go Pro with me, on that visit, but this guy did, and it brings back memories.