Snow, snow, and more #snow

At least they can ride…

Got a day off today to handle a bunch of things that have been lagging, due to snow coinciding with my work schedule.

  • Rake that roof. Put some additional extender poles on, and see how much I can get down.
  • Go out for a long drive in my humble little car to see the countryside. I don’t do much driving, now that my commute has been shrunk to a fraction of what it once was, and I have to admit, I kind of miss it. Put on those shades, and go stylin’ on President’s Day.
  • Get some physical therapy for the aches I’ve developed from sitting too much on the one hand, and moving so much snow on the other.

A couple of other logistical things need to be handled, but other than that, it looks like the day is shaping up nicely.

At least it’s not snowing again … yet.

I may take some time to do some sitting later. I could probably use it.

Then again, I tend to favor the idea that any activity you focus on completely enough to lose all thoughts of yourself, is as good as a “sit”.

So, I’ll go with that.


If I lived to ride, I would be so antsy, right about now.

I’m up here in the northeastern USA, waiting for yet another big storm to roll on through.

We’ve been getting absolutely socked with snow, which means there are a lot of plows on the roads… and not many motorcycles.

Not much room for a motorcycle here… (Source:

I’m a pretty inveterate “cager”, making the rounds in life in my little commuter car, but I can well imagine what it must be like to be sidelined during the winter months, while white stuff fills the roads and makes riding impossible.

I do get antsy, myself, during the spring, summer and fall, as I’m an avid snowshoer. But obviously, it’s not the same. Snowshoes… motorcycle… yah, not much comparison there.

Still, I can imagine how many folks are watching their calendars, just waiting for spring, so they can ride again.