Starting Off Right!

For those of you considering buying a motorcycle, here are some awesome tips. Plus,the folks in the picture below look super cool in their shirt sleeves and sunny weather.

Gulf Coast Motorcycles

This is the post that I’ve promised you for a long time.

Time to buy a motorcycle:

Starting from Scratch?  New or Used?  Custom?  Classic?  Where to start?


We’ll share some thoughts and insight on buying a new bike.  Our thoughts on that are likely different from a lot of other motorcycle stores on the planet.  We all sell motorcycles, sure, and that IS important.  All motorcycle manufacturer’s and the stores that represent them embrace (at least they should,) support, and ultimately sell the lifestyle that they promote.  The wonderful brands that we’re fortunate enough to represent here are not really any different.  What is different though is what that “lifestyle” stands for.


Currently, the new brands that we represent are BMW and Ducati, though there is a mystery manufacturer coming soon.  All of which have a lifestyle that revolves around enjoying the ride, performance, and handling characteristics of those…

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